The UK supplement market is a multi-million if not £billion market today with companies such as Holland and Barrett dominating the market share. Sales of vitamins and supplements is expected to hit the £780million mark. But what’s all the fuss? Do supplements really work? What’s the difference between cheap and expensive supplements?

Your G.I Tract (gut) makes up about 60-80% of your immune system. It is responsible for determining what should and should not enter your system. When we take a supplement, magnesium for example, that mineral needs to be bound to something else in order for it to be absorbed. If you bind it to what we call an inorganic mineral, then it is not going to be well absorbed by the gut, making that cheap supplement you took WORTHLESS. Constant nutrient interactions can lead to added stress on the body and lead to conditions such as ‘leaky gut syndrome’ or a semi-permeable gut. When this happens your gut starts letting in things it shouldn’t. Your body then mounts an immune response which can then lead to the breakdown of tissue and increased body fat storage….and all the time you though that cheap supplement from your local shop was doing you good!

Be aware of supplements that contain the following on the label:

  • Carbonate
  • Oxide
  • Sulphate
  • Fumarate

Choose instead:

  • Taurate
  • Glycinate
  • Arginate
  • Citarte
  • Lysinate

For more information on quality supplements and which ones to be taking please contact me directly!